A woman in Sweden who said she was forced to sit next to a fellow passenger who died during an overnight flight from Amsterdam to Tanzania received a partial refund for her airfare after months of complaining.

Lena Pettersson, a reporter for Sweden's public Sveriges Radio, said the man was sweating and was suffering from convulsions in view of the flight attendants as their Kenya Airways flight was about to take off. She said the man died shortly after takeoff from the Netherlands, and that she had to sit near his corpse as the flight continued to Africa, the Expressen newspaper reported.

"Of course it was unpleasant, but I am not a person who makes a fuss," Pettersson said.

Pettersson told the newspaper that the attendants moved most of the other passengers around her to empty seats away from the man's corpse, but that once the vacant seats ran out she was left sitting across the aisle from the dead passenger -- whose body was placed under a blanket on a row of empty seats.

Pettersson said she complained to the airline after arriving in Tanzania, and communicated back-and-forth with carrier officials for several months until she finally received a check for $713 -- half the cost of her round-trip ticket.

The man's identity was not released.