Summer is nearly here and you know That Moment is coming. Sure, you can keep it at bay by signing your kids up for summer band, softball and art camp. But they are always drawn back to the television. Or computer. Or that text-filled phone.

And then it happens. You can't stop it. The acidy question spews forth uncontrolled from the bile in your belly, even though you already know the dreadful answer.
"Why don't you get off the couch and go do something with your summer? It's beautiful outside!"
"Eh. Everything's boring."
Sigh. But take heart -- this scene can be avoided. It's not too late to get your kids out into the world this summer to learn a little something about their neighbors, the environment -- and themselves. All it takes is a little planning and dash of creativity. Really!
Here are five ideas to get your own brainstorming started ...