Father and son diving into pool

No. 4: Be yourself

Yeah, we've heard this advice a million times, but fathers are especially good at dispensing this nugget. When the role of "Daddy" is instilled in a man, he's less afraid to show himself for who he is. Many dads stop trying to be someone they're not and relax into a more comfortable style.

So bring out the cut-offs!

Not only fashion, Dad may let loose at a wedding dance or tell a bad joke to your friends. He's the perfect yin to his child's uptight yang, but darn it, he's the one having the fun.

The lesson here is that if you want to dance, don't let bad rhythm stop you. And if your impression of Chris Farley is terrible, but makes you laugh, go for it. Dads know this, and no amount of flak from their uptight kids will change that.