Father and teenage daughter

No. 5: Cherish your youth

Apparently, the days of "back when" are never matched. At least this is the way dads like to talk. This goes for his own youthful accomplishments; it also goes for the times that were.
The fact is, fatherhood settles a man down. So regarding his own doings, the daring days of yore are rarely measured up to since. As we grew up, we got to hear about his early driving stunts, his times with old buds and the way he got in trouble with the principal. And the walk to school? Don't get him started.

The "times were different," he'd say. People were kinder, cars were faster and louder, music and films were more wholesome and athletes were tougher.

In all, the message learned was this: When you're young, look around and take it all in. These days will be talked about the rest of your life.