Father's Day is right around the corner, and before you know it you'll have bought another checkered tie your dad will never wear.

Dads deserve a lot more than a cheap gift, especially with everything they have to put up with. Nagging wives, hormonal children and mean bosses are all commonplace in the life of a dad.

They don't just bring home the bacon, but they also dish out chores, are tough on curfews and are always ready to fix something they aren't necessarily qualified to touch.

For all the stress that comes with a family, work, bills and losing hair, fatherhood is not easy, and good dads manage to pull through with sound advice and a big heart.

In honor of hard-working fathers everywhere, here's our choices for our top five favorite TV dads. From a squeaky-clean architect to an always-hungry power plant worker, the following five dads show what being "the man" is about.

Is He The Perfect TV Dad?