Every child, at some point or another, feels the burden of living up to his or her father's accomplishments. But what if your dad was somebody famous?

It's one thing to want to reach or exceed milestones your parents reached in getting an education, buying your first house, having children and having a successful career. Now, imagine the pressure if your dad was a sports legend, a beloved Hollywood icon or a Grammy-award winning singer?

You really couldn't blame a child if they looked at that and said, "No, thank you," choosing instead to follow their own career path and make a mark in a different field. But some famous children embraced their father's world and sought to, if not surpass, at least show they were their equals.

With Father's Day just around the corner, join us for a look at famous progenies who did their celebrity fathers proud.

Stephen King and Joe Hill

Many a dad has delighted in telling spooky campfire stories by the light of the campfire.

While it's doubtful Stephen King spun tales of child-eating clowns, murderous innkeepers and rabid St. Bernards for his two sons during distant Maine summers, he nevertheless made a lasting impression.

King's older son, Joseph Hillstrom King, began writing in 1997, taking the pen name Joe Hill in order to be judged apart from his literary last name. He's proved himself a success too, earning several awards for a collection of stories and his debut novel, "Heart Shaped Box," before his cover was blown in 2007.

Owen King, King's younger son, published his own collection of stories in 2005.

Hill also co-wrote the 2009 novella "Throttle" with his father. But that wasn't the first time they had worked together. At age 10, Joe appeared in the 1982 film "Creepshow," co-starring and written by his dad.

The family that scares together, stays together, right?

Julio and Enrique Iglesias

Julio Iglesias may be best known as Willie Nelson's duet partner on the cheesy '80s love song "To All the Girls I Loved Before," but the Spanish singer is so much more than that.

The Grammy winner has sold more than 300 million records worldwide in 14 languages and has released 77 albums. Oh, and he also fathered fellow Grammy winner Enrique Iglesias.

Despite his famous last name, Enrique was reluctant to ride his father's coattails from the very beginning. Enlisting the help of a family friend, he landed his first record deal by promoting demo tracks under the name "Enrique Martinez."

Nearly 20 years later, the rest is history. He's since sold 58 million albums worldwide, placing five songs in the Billboard Hot 100 top five singles, including the crossover hits "Bailamos," "Be With You" and "Hero," and holds the record for producing 22 No. 1 Spanish-language singles on Billboard's Hot Latin Tracks.

Bobby and Brett Hull

Die-hard fans can easily recite the names of sports' greatest father-son combos, including baseball's Griffeys and Bondses, basketball's Barrys and Hills and football's Mannings, to name a few.

But none of pairings quite reach the level of hockey's Bobby and Brett Hull.

Brett's 2009 Hockey Hall of Fame induction made "The Golden Jet" and "The Golden Brett" just the second father-son player combo to receive that honor across the four major pro sports (after fellow NHL legends Lester and Lynn Patrick.)

Also the only father-son MVP winners in any sport, the Hulls each won Stanley Cup titles, Bobby in 1961 (Chicago Blackhawks) and Brett in 1999 (Dallas Stars) and 2002 (Detroit Red Wings.)

When Brett began his career, few expected he would approach his father's 16-season career goals total of 610. Brett, however, would go on to score 741 regular season goals, good for third all-time in the NHL, before retiring in 2005.

Henry, Peter and Jane Fonda

Hollywood is full of famous father-child combos, including Donald and Kiefer Sutherland, Kirk and Michael Douglas and Jon Voight and Angelina Jolie.