Steaks on barbecue grill

No. 3: Do dinner for Dad

Throw a few steaks on the grill and fix dad dinner on his special day.

The dinner doesn't have to be difficult either. Steak, baked potato and salad will likely put a big smile on his face. If dad is health-conscious, maybe swap some chicken for the steak and a sweet potato for the potato.

And if dad likes dessert, don't forget a slice of cake or pie.

Be sure to have dad's favorite drink -- a few beers, ice tea, pop, lemonade –- on hand.

Keep in mind that the time spent grilling the steaks or chicken can be perfect to talk and enjoy family time.

And then once the dinner is prepared, fix his plate to show him how special he is to the family. After he has cleaned his plate, continue the royal treatment by clearing the table and allowing him to relax.

But, what if you can't cook? Try our next idea instead ...