Stack of pancakes with syrup

No. 4: Treat him to breakfast in bed

Most fathers will likely enjoy being served breakfast in bed, so fix his favorite breakfast and carry it to him on a tray.

Be sure to make the plate of food look nice. If pancakes are served, draw a happy face with syrup or whip cream. If a smiley face sounds too corny, draw a basketball or football. Be sure to garnish the plate with grapes, strawberries or orange slices to make it extra special.

If something like hash browns is being served, don't forget the condiments.

A copy of the sports section of the newspaper or his favorite magazine would add a nice touch. A handwritten note, saying "Thank You," "I Love You" or "I Appreciate You" will surely bring a smile to his face.

The athletic father and the father who loves lounging would enjoy the special treatment. The sentimental father would also like the special treatment ...