Family eating dinner

No. 2: Take aim at Dad's tastes

Remember how they used to say that the stomach was the way to a man's heart? That is still true, and it also applies to dads. Does your dad have a sweet tooth? What's his favorite restaurant? What's his favorite homemade meal?

This is another great way to personalize your dad's special day. Buy those red velvet cupcakes that he loves so much and present them in a special way. Offer to cook his favorite meal as a gift to him, or take him out to his favorite restaurant to celebrate him.

If you don't live near your dad, find alternatives to these things. Have his favorite sweets shipped to him, buy a gift card to his favorite restaurant and request pictures of the meal, or gift him a homemade gift certificate for his favorite meal to be cashed in at a later time.

He'll appreciate you thinking of him.