It's a busy week on Steve Harvey's all-new show, including a visit from first lady Michelle Obama on Wednesday, Oct. 3.

"Steve Harvey" airs weekdays at 4 p.m. on TVW.

On Monday, Steve helps triplet sisters who want to carve out their own identities and stop dressing alike. Celebrity stylists step in to create some stunning makeovers that will have these triplets doing a double-take! Then, Pinterest dating returns! Steve helps a woman pick a date from three eligible bachelors – but she can’t see any of them! She has to make her choice solely based on the interests posted on their Pinboards. Finally, Steve meets a ten-year-old rodeo queen who shows him the ropes with her amazing lasso skills. And Steve gets a huge surprise when her pony leaves a present on his stage!

Then on Tuesday, Steve helps a wife whose husband is addicted to video games – he even brought them on their honeymoon! Steve gives him the ultimate test when he must choose between a weekend getaway to a spa with his wife or a platinum deluxe turbo video gaming package. Watch to see if he chooses the games over her! Then, Steve explores some of the best interactive tools parents can use to give their kids’ grades a boost. Finally, former “Bachelorette” Ali Fedotowsky is scouring the country for the most eligible bachelors. Find out how you can have a chance to meet one of them!

Following Michelle Obama's Wednesday appearance, on Thursday Steve helps a sixty-year-old woman who likes much younger men land a date. Has she still got the moves? Then, find out how an incredible teacher provides free school supplies to more than 1,200 teachers! Steve surprises him when several teachers touched by his generosity come to say an unforgettable thank you! Then, do you ever wonder what your man really means when he says things like “I’m fine” and “you look nice”? Steve gets to the bottom of why people can’t just say what they really mean and discovers the real meaning behind these often-used phrases.

Then on Friday, Steve helps two daughters who are embarrassed by the way their moms dress. See if they change their minds when their moms get head-to-toe makeovers! Then, Steve and celebrity chef Paula Deen’s son, Bobby Deen are whipping up healthier versions of his mom’s best comfort foods. Also, Steve shows you how to buy the perfect mattress without having to test it in the store. Plus, surf’s up when Steve tries a new fitness trend you’ll have to see to believe!

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