3 new tiger cubs born at Milwaukee County Zoo

MILWAUKEE - Milwaukee County Zoo is now home to three new Amur Siberian tigers.

The cubs were born to mother, Amba, and male, Strannick, on Sept. 14, according to CBS 58 in Milwaukee.

An announcement will be released when the cubs are ready to make their public debut, zoo officials said.

As of Oct. 2, the cubs weighed in at 5.6 pounds, 5.9 pounds and 6.9 pounds. The cubs are weighed every two to three days. Officials said all three are healthy and growing quickly. They are expected to start walking at about 3 weeks old.

According to the Milwaukee County Zoo press release, Amba and her cubs won't be on public exhibit for several weeks.

Photos, videos and updates of the cubs and their mother will be available on Facebook.

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