White House blurb

Stepping back in presidential homes

A new family will be moving into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. in January, inheriting a home rich with history and tradition. Check out how some of our founding...

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American cities with longest commutes

If you think your morning commute is long, see how it stacks up to the average commute time in these 10 cities.

Ashton Kutcher

Worst celebrity Twitter gaffes

It seems that as long as Twitter has been around celebrities have been raising eyebrows with controversial tweets. Here are some of the worst celebrity...

PHOTOS: Packers vs. Bears in Green Bay

The Green Bay Packers take on the Chicago Bears at Lambeau Field Thursday night.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump's most provocative quotes

Since announcing his presidential campaign in June 2015, Donald Trump has made headlines with a series of provocative quotes and comments. Check out some of...


What to know: Zika virus

Zika is spreading in a third Miami neighborhood, health officials said. Here's what you need to know about the virus.

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