Mont Saint-Michel

Medieval abbey trapped by tides and time

Mont Saint-Michel emerges from the tides in Normandy, France, like an ancient village from a fairy tale. The coastal town built on a massive granite rock cuts…

Miley Cyrus campaigns for Hillary Clinton

Miley Cyrus campaigns for Hillary Clinton

Singer Miley Cyrus campaigns for Hillary Clinton at George Mason University, surprising students.

couple holding hands, walking

World's most empathetic countries

Michigan State University has put together a list of the most empathetic countries. Researchers interviewed more than 100,000 adults from 63 countries and…

Emu on road

Emu lassoed on Arizona highway

It's not the usual type of suspect Arizona State Troopers take into custody -- this capture involved a long-legged big bird, wandering the highway.

Bike shorts

Bike lock makes thieves vomit

Bike thieves are in for a nasty treat when they try to steal a bike with a SkunkLock. The lock will emit an odor, causing the thief to "vomit uncontrollably,"…

Al Smith Dinner dais

Best Clinton, Trump lines from Alfred E. Smith dinner

Less than a day after their heated final presidential debate, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton traded shots at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Dinner. Here's a…