Ever wanted a place you could truly call your own? This "Swett deal" might be for you.

Lance Benson is sole owner of the tiny town of Swett, South Dakota. Now he's trying to sell it for $400,000.

Benson told The Associated Press he wants to devote more time to his traveling concession business. He bought the hamlet in rural southwestern South Dakota in 1998, gave it to his ex-wife in their divorce and re-claimed it in 2012.

Once home to 40 people, Swett now contains a bar, workshop, three trailers and a house, where Benson and his current wife live.

The town itself it pretty quiet. But the bar is the only watering hole within 10 miles and has become quite popular among local cowboys and wheat growers, according to the Rapid City Journal.

Watch a video of the town's listing below or by clicking here: