So, earlier this week, I wrote about my disdain for those who prey on those who pray. Today's entry into the Spam Report might be equally insidious as it seeks to take advantage of those who love our troops.

This email comes from Shelly in Janesville who forwarded it to me. Suffice it to say, it's not true. The fascinating part of this email though is a similar story to what's being told below is valid. There was a large amount of money found hidden inside one of Saddam Hussein's palaces ten years ago as evidenced by the attached New York Times article.

Often times, scam artists will take real events and try to twist them to their own benefit. In this case, the tip-offs are that the language is stilted, the address the email came from is different from the one you're asked to respond to and any time a note starts, "Dear Friend" from someone I've never met, I'm suspicious.

Other possible roads to explore here if I really wanted to dig deeper on this would have been to reach out to military public information officers to check on the legitimacy of Sgt. Rick H. Johnson (I'm guessing there isn't one) and to the status of the money.

If you simply want to delete this, I'd understand it as well.

Please don't fall for this.

----- Forwarded Message -----
To: Recipients <>
Sent: Monday, October 7, 2013 3:48 AM

Dear Friend ,

I am Sgt Rick.H.Johnson, A US Army serving in the 3rd Infantry Division in Iraq. Now in Afghanistan I want you to read this mail carefully and understand it.

  In 2003, my men and I found over $900 million in Saddam Hussein hideout in Baghdad, we sent some back to the Iraq government after counting it in a classified location, but we also kept some behind for ourselves. Some of the money we shared among ourselves worth over $7.5 million, I kept my own share for a while in a secured place.

I need someone to help me receive it, since I have found a secured way of getting the package out of Iraq for you to pick up through the help of a Red Cross Society or pilots that enjoy some immunities with us while in Iraq  .

I do not know for how long I will remain here as I have been lucky to survive 3 suicide bomb attacks by Afghanistan Militant, I know this was Pure Divine intervention from God .

I need someone I can trust, since I have already lost a box of gold to someone that said he will help me, I won't like to make the same mistake. The total amount of money is $7.500,000.00 (Seven Million Five hundred Thousand United States Dollars ),this money I am will and ready to entrust it in your care till I resign from office and meet with you in your house for subsequent sharing and investment projects.

View the below link to verify/confirm my statement.

If you can handle this deal let me know immediately, you will receive 10% of the money, all you need to do is to find a safe place where you can keep the box till i leave Afghanistan.

This transaction will not take more than 5 working days, if you are sincere  with me I shall send you the contact detail of the security company once I hear from you.

I await your message soon and God bless you.
Reply to my private email:

Sgt Rick.H.Johnson
United States Army. Kabul