Clemson (WHNS) -- A sign that hung inside a bar telling customers guns are not allowed has sparked outrage - because of the wording on the sign.

The sign read, "No concealed weapons. If you are such a loser that you feel you need to carry a gun with you when you go out, I don't want your business," followed by an offensive word, seen below in the actual sign.

The owner of Backstreets Pub and Grill, who did not want to be identified because of the backlash, said it has all been blown out of proportion.

"I just used the wrong wording," he said.

Since the photo was shared, he took down the bar's Facebook page and the Yelp profile has been slammed with negative reviews because of the sign. The sign was hung up after South Carolina legalized concealed weapons in bars earlier in 2014. The law does not allow people legally carrying to drink.

"There's no reason in a college town to bring a gun into a college bar with college kids and that's just what I was trying to get passed," he said.

The owner said the sign is not about taking away customers' second amendment rights. He also has his own permit.

"I'm a gun owner, I got a right to carry permit when they first came out," he said.

But when asked why he typed up the sign, he said he was frustrated following the law.

"I was just frustrated, I had one more thing to worry about," the owner said. "We have door guys and I don't want my door guys to get shot if they're trying to kick someone out and their buddy has a gun."

He said he doesn't think the backlash will affect his business.

"We're not going anywhere," he said. "We've got a good set of regulars who come in here and we're just going move on."

Some in downtown Clemson said while people can say what they want, there are often consequences.

"Free speech is one thing but to be degrading is another," said Summer Bell.

The sign has since been taken down and replaced with larger signs warning customers that weapons are not allowed.

Gun sign