The Flathead County Sheriff's Office says a baby drowned Saturday evening after falling head first into a mop bucket.

Mariella Dalimata was 10 days shy of her first birthday, and family members tell us her parents are devastated.

Sheriff Chuck Curry says Mariella accidentally tipped head first into a five gallon bucket at her family's home in Creston, Montana.

She was reportedly left unattended for a few minutes when the drowning happened; her body is now at the State Crime Lab in Missoula for an autopsy.

But, Curry says the death has been ruled an accident and the parents will not be charged with a crime.

Family members want to try and prevent this from happening to anyone else, by getting the message out to other families about just how quickly tragedy can occur.

"Watch anything that has water in it. Children can drown in an inch of water. Dog food dishes, buckets (if you're mopping) - dump them, even if you feel like you're doing to be away from them for 15 seconds. And cherish your kids," Mariella's Aunt Brooke Schwab told us.

Family members say they've received a tremendous amount of support from the community over the last few days, and plan on holding Mariella's funeral on what would have been her first birthday.

Click here for a memorial fund has been set up in Mariella's memory.