‘Trouble in Toyland’ report lists 50 dangerous toys

WISPIRG: Dangers include toxic substances, powerful magnets, loud noises, choking hazards

Published On: Nov 26 2013 07:54:38 PM CST
woman Christmas shopping for toys

Just before the holiday shopping season kicks off, there’s a new warning about potentially dangerous toys.

Tuesday, Wisconsin Public Interest released its “Trouble in Toyland” report, a list of 50 dangerous toys.

Researchers said despite progress, they continue to find hazardous toys on store shelves.

The biggest concerns are for toxic substances, powerful magnets, loud noisy toys and potential choking hazards. In 2012, officials said there were 11 reported toy-related deaths; four of them were from choking.

“The hazards that we see really don’t change too much year to year, but we do need our members of Congress, our state legislators to take action,” Bruce Speight, director of WISPIRG, said.

One toy considered dangerous is the Leap Frog Chat and Count Smartphone, which comes in at 85 decibels or the equivalent of a garbage disposal, which is too loud for young kids. A soft Captain America shield may seem safe, but it has 29 times the accepted level of lead. And the Just Like Home Super Play Food Set has parts that are considered too tiny.

Officials said choking hazard rules need to be strengthened. Anything that could fit through a toilet paper tube should be considered dangerous.

Toys in violation of safety standards have been found on a number of shelves, from dollar stores to big retailers like Toys R Us.

Visit WISPIRG’s website to find a list of the “Trouble in Toyland” toys.