VERONA, Wis. -

In this digital age, technology is just a part of growing up, and now many schools are trying to make it an essential learning tool.

Kids at Verona Area School District are giving their pencils and notebooks a break and turning their attention over to iPads. The school-wide roll-out is giving students cutting edge technology and allowing them to personalize their learning like never before.

“If they learn better with music they can put something together using Garage Band,” Karie Huttner, an educational technology coordinator at Verona Schools, said. “If they're a visual learner they use iMovie and capture it in visual.”

More and more schools are going in the same direction as Verona.

“The estimate for the state of Wisconsin is about 42 percent of schools has taken some measure to be a one to one district,” Betty Wottreng, the director of technology services at Verona, said.

David Williamson Shaffer, a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in educational psychology, said if used correctly tablets have proven to boost test scores, help kids learn faster and make school more enjoyable.

“This is something essential for kids to have, and it's essential for teachers to have kids have them,” Shaffer said.

Shaffer said one major benefit of going one-to-one technology is that it gives kids access to devices who otherwise might not have it.

“The whole school, the whole community is better off when we provide every kid the tools that they need to learn well,” Shaffer said.

Verona officials aren’t doing away with paper and books entirely, they are hoping to strike a balance with the devices.

More technology could go into the hands of more students soon. Assembly Republicans have recently put forward an idea to provide all high school freshman with a tablet or computer.