To determine if a persona is suffering from hearing loss, hearing tests are often performed. In particular, doctors screen certain types of patients who are at specific ages or who are exposed to certain elements.


Babies and young children: Babies and children have their hearing checked to diagnose any hearing problems that might interfere with their ability to learn, speak or comprehend speech.


Children and teens: Older children and teens are checked for hearing loss at each wellness visit. Since a child’s hearing can hinder him or her in language development, behavior and learning, many schools also screen students’ hearing.


Adults: Hearing tests are typically done as part of routine physical exams for adults. Doctors can do just a simple whisper test to check a patient’s hearing, or, if hearing loss is suspected, further tests may be done.


Those exposed to loud noises: Doctors will do hearing tests on patients who are consistently exposed to loud noises to make sure their hearing isn’t impacted.