Its 7 a.m. You are half awake. Your daughter wants to debate about her clothes while you are scrambling to find your briefcase and keys.

You barely make it out of the door with both shoes on, traffic seems endless as you break a sweat before even getting to work.

It's the type of morning many suffer through often.

And spending a morning like that is a sure-fire way to ruin your day, said Standolyn Robertson, founder of Things In Place, a personal organizing business.

"It is hard to have a good day if it is started on the wrong foot," she said. "If you are overwhelmed from the beginning, everything else can seem more frustrating throughout the day."

Set A Routine

Robertson said making a morning routine with your family and working together to stick to it can greatly reduce your daily stress.

She said to take time and specifically plan how your morning will go, asking each family member what his or her ideal morning routine would be.

Amy Allen Clark, founder of, said actually writing this routine down and hanging it on the refrigerator can ensure everyone is aware of it.

And Clark said to make sure to keep the children involved.

"Children love routines and they love to know what to expect out of their day," Clark said. "It is much easier on the entire family if everyone knows what they need to accomplish for that day."

The Night Before

Both Robertson and Clark said the best way to have a stress-free morning is to prepare the night before.

"You should wake up to nice relaxing morning where things are already done," Robertson said. "You don't want to be doing any business in the morning."

Robertson said all dried goods should be placed in lunches. Add refrigerated items quickly in the mornings.

Backpacks and briefcases should be by the front door with all homework done, papers signed and ready to go.

Any family discussion should also be had the night before, Robertson said.

"Children should not be trying to sell their parents wrapping paper for a fundraiser on the way to school," she said.

Clark said everyone should have their clothes picked out and set to go before they go to bed. This saves times and prevents arguments.

Clark said a great way to avoid those morning clothing arguments is to get an organizer that has spots for each day of the week. Children can pick out their clothes for the week and you can review them together.

"Doing this on a Saturday afternoon is a lot less stressful than doing it during a weekday morning," she said. "Get in the routine of doing this with your child and it will save you both a lot of hassle and heartache."

What Works For You

When it comes to getting out of bed and facing the day, everyone is different.

Robertson said acknowledging that and working around it can help with everyone's morning moods, creating for an easier routine.

"People need to wake up in a way that works for them, no matter what their age," she said. "Matching what you need so that you wake up and feel good about that morning is essential."