Corrugated aluminum can be good material for awnings

Published On: Feb 21 2013 10:09:06 AM CST   Updated On: Mar 07 2013 09:41:33 AM CST
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By Caryn Colgan, Networx

Corrugated Aluminum Siding

For many years corrugated aluminum was used primarily for industrial, commercial and farm buiding purposes. As a siding and roofing material it is inexpensive and easy to find and install. The durable metal is no longer shunned by homeowners but is now being used to accent a home's exterior. A farmhouse style of home features a corrugated metal-sided bump out.

Corrugated Aluminum Awning

Not only used to accent to the exterior wall, corrugated aluminum makes a stunning awning. Positioned properly, this awning will shade the home's interior from the summer sun but will allow the sun to warm the home in winter months, when the sun is lower in the sky. Additionally, this home reflects the homeowner's eclectic nature by combining metal, stucco and wood in its construction plus stone in the landscaping.

Corrugated Aluminum Corner Accent

This ultra contemporary home draws the eye with a two-story corrugated aluminum corner accent wall that continues halfway up to the neighboring townhome. The rich warm color of the stucco keeps the structure from looking too industrial. Due to the metal's reflective nature, the common area between buildings will seem brighter even on cloudy days.

Corrugated Aluminum and Organic Materials Contrast

By adding purple wooden chairs and living plants, these homeowners used the corrugated aluminum to their advantage. The visual combination of organic, natural elements with shiny metal invites visitors to have a seat. As complimentary colors, the gold of the door and the purple on the chairs add extra sizzle to this front porch area.

Custom Corrugated Aluminum Siding

Aluminum is used in many products including cans for food items and construction materials. Aluminum can be easily recycled and is weather-resistant requiring very little maintenance. Inexpensive when compared to other siding products, corrugated aluminum is often used as a siding accent or roofing material. Depending on a home buyer's budget, the shape and depth of the ripples (also called peaks and grooves) of corrugated aluminum can be customized.

Corrugated Aluminum Window Well

Corrugated aluminum keeps the dirt out while letting the sun shine into the basement's window. The metal may even help brighten the space by bouncing light into the interior. Building codes in most, if not all, municipalities require egress windows in basements. Egress windows allow people to escape in a hurry in case of a fire. The ripples offer an advantage that other materials may not; a toe hold to facilitate an escape.

Storage Locker with Corrugated Aluminum Siding

This storage locker for a condominium complex features rippled plastic sheeting as windows. By allowing natural light to enter, the lockers require less light and less energy. The corrugated aluminum siding is also virtually maintenance-free and blends well with the neighboring units.

Corrugated Aluminum and Concrete Contrast

By adding corrugated aluminum under the roof line, the building naturally draws the eye upward. This apartment building for college students combines three materials in one glance, metal, stone and concrete. The brown of the stone composite siding warms the building and keeps it from looking too harsh.